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Mobile Analytics Feature

The mobile analytics app example focuses on mixing opacity layers, shadows, and blurred lines while applying a top vibrant color to give off the illusion of neon lights.  This aesthetic is great for users who prefer dark mode.

Mobile Financial App

This mobile financial app example focuses on neomorphism aesthetics marked by minimal and real-looking UI, a new take on skeuomorphism. While there are aesthetic limitations due to the minimalist approach, it is easy on the user's eyes and allows for critical elements to pop. Neomorphism is achieved through different shadow and highlight techniques while matching the object's base color to the foreground color.

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Mobile Food App

This mobile food app highlights examples of informational hierarchy and layout techniques. This example groups food recipes into recognizable categories for informational hierarchy, such as Featured, Popular, New, etc. In each card, the recipe grabs the user's attention through the picture, with the recipe's title sitting right under it. In addition, the rating stars of each recipe provide social proof to the user. This layout is clear and easily digestible through the swipeable rows of clickable cards. Once inside the recipe, the informational hierarchy makes it easy for the user to navigate the steps.

Mobile Beauty App

The mobile beauty app example highlights product layout while designing for emotional and behavioral change by tapping into the consumer psyche. When thinking through the user experience, making value propositions, creating social proof, and credibility appeals are essential to gain the trust and buy-in from the consumer. Tapping into the user's emotional state by designing urgent messages that create eustress through motivating cortisol persuades users to take action by clicking the "Buy Now" button.

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Mobile Fashion App

This mobile fashion app focuses on an editorial fashion layout where users can subscribe to different fashion blogs, or view different fashion editorials.

Mobile Home Decor App

This mobile home decor app shows more examples of informational hierarchy through the checkout phase. In addition, each product purchased is displayed from newest to oldest with easy-to-digest associated cost calculations.

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Mobile Investment App

This mobile investment app is an example of how visuals can motivate users to make a behavioral change. In this example, seeing a different return on investments can cause users to make better financial choices.

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Bath & Body Website

This bath and body website example shows that by designing mobile first allows designers to make better design decisions when transitioning designs to web format.

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