After working in the apparel industry for 16 years, I decided to make the jump over into the technology world. Once I made the decision to change my career, I quickly found that my product line management and design experience was a great skill set to bring to the UI/UX design role. As a product designer, I love the ability to use my creativity in both design and business strategy. 

As a Product Designer, I take ideas and requirements for products and features and turn them into tangible, beautiful designs. I work closely with the Product Owner in every lifestyle stage of our products, including products that have yet to begin design or development. For new products, I lead the design process all the way from initial brainstorming to release. For existing products, I design brand-new features that add value and maintain harmony with existing components. 

-Lead design process in the creation of new products, from initial spec and ambiguous concepts to
clear, well-defined solutions and designs
-Create and execute designs for features that are either brand new or coincide with existing
feature work
-Work closely with Product and Development to explore problems, create possible solutions,
identity what’s worth pursuing, and provide any relevant details for easy execution
-Help identify potential and current user pain points, troubleshooting solutions, and assist Product in
scoping any necessary feature requirements
-Continuously communicate with a product to present and iterate on designs to stay on the same
-Develop and implement coherent design so that users experience a high level of consistency
across multiple products

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